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The Bishop Brunett Award

The Alexandar J. Brunett Medal for Social Justice is a yearly award presented by the division.

The award is presented in the name of the past Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Seattle, past Bishop of Helena and a former member of our division.

The AJB Award recognizes an individual who has dedicated his or her life in one way or another to the service of others. The individual who is recognized is a "giver" of the community and the award demonstrates each year that Christian charity is forever aligned with the value of social justice.

Past AJB Recipients

  • 2017, Lenore Manning, Anaconda, MT
  • 2016, Sister Mary Jo McDonald, Butte, MT
  • 2015, No Award Nominations
  • 2014, Father William Greytak, Boulder, MT
  • 2013, Sharon Lang, Helena, MT
  • 2012, Mike O'Connor, Helena, MtT/li>
  • 2011, Jim Heffernan , Helena, MT
  • 2010, Gert Downey, Butte, MT
  • 2009, Tom Huddleston, Helena, MT
  • 2008, Bob Moes, Helena, MT
  • 2007, Donna Daems, Bozeman, MT
  • 2006, Larry Thomas, Anaconda, MT
  • 2005, Fr. Tom O'Donnell, East Helena, MT
  • 2004, Hank Burgess, Helena, MT
  • 2003, No Award Nominations
  • 2002, Babe Aspholm, Anaconda, MT
  • 2001, Helen Christensen,Helena, MT
  • 2000, Sister Gail Mary Vaughn, Anaconda MT
  • 1999, Jeff Mitchell, Helena, MT
  • 1998, Jon Agner, Missoula, MT

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